In todayís digital age,  you canít afford to go without creative photo or video content as part of your marketing strategy. Here are just some of the services we can provide.

Your Life. Your Story. Your Portrait. Clearly Unique.

I consider myself a versatile photojournalist with an eclectic taste for creating dramatic portraiture and fine art. I am an artist at heart. Antonio Rodrigues Photography, located Ventura County, California, has allowed me to develop my innovative ideals and deep aesthetic perceptions as I enliven my photographs and bring my work a unique spirit through technical craftsmanship. I set out to be a trailblazer in this industry, as I view photography through a natural extension of my perception for the arts.  It is my hope that my work inspires you to collaborate on a project with me. I will work diligently with you through the process of booking sessions, photography products, levels of packages, and pricing. I am detailed oriented and I look forward to our time together.

First of all, I come to the setting of your choice. Probably your office, or your conference room...

I set up a portable studio. I do not need a large location. Most of the time a conference room works nicely. This also makes it very convenient for busy professionals who can walk down the hall instead of driving across town for their portrait.

What I bring with me

I have a variety of portable studio backgrounds to choose from. Studio lights are also a must. If someone claims they can produce quality portraits without them, they are a “person with a camera”, not a professional.  Again I don’t need much space since my lighting equipment is powerful but compact. My years of experience helps to produce a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

How much time is needed.

I know the importance of time for the busy executive. I arrive at your offices 45 minutes before the photos are scheduled to be taken, set-up my equipment and do a few test shots. After that, most portrait sessions last about 15 minutes per person. Sometimes the lights need to be changed to accommodate each individual, glasses, height, hair, etc. Most people have a smile they have been using for the better part of their adult lives and are happy with it. I have a couple of hair and make-up stylists that I work with and could employ one at an additional cost.

What I charge 

I charge $150.00 per subject. Additional subjects per location set-up are $75.00. This includes everything outlined above including delivery of images. A fee will be added as agreed upon if excess travel is involved.

These are just some of the basics. Every person’s photo shoot is unique. I am very happy to be flexible in arranging yours. Please call me to discuss your needs and give me the chance to answer any further questions you might have.



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