A portrait is defined as a likeness of a person, especially of the personís face. Simply that. But, the word in general use has deeper connotations. A photographic portrait is understood to be a good quality image that not only captures a personís physical likeness on film or on a digital camera's sensor, but also something of the personís character, generally in a manner that is attractive and pleasing to the subject.

 A portrait does not need a formally-dressed subject. Casual wear may be more revealing of the subject's character and lifestyle.


A good portrait will contain at least one element that reveals the subjectís personality, attitude, unique mannerisms or any of the other features or traits that form the individual nature of the person. It will tell us something about the subject. You may have heard someone remark that a particular photographer ďreally capturedĒ their father or child, for example, in a picture. They are referring in part to the image being a true physical likeness, but what they are really saying is that the image also reveals a significant, identifiable part of the subjectís character. The portrait photographer who has never previously met the subject therefore has quite a challenge.


Photo sessions take place at various times of the week. We can accommodate some evening and weekend appointments. Please enquire to check availability.

The sitting fee of $60 is charged at the time of booking by credit card over the phone or you can send in a check payable to: Antonio Rodrigues Photography LLC. Sitting fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to an alternate date provided you give us a min. 48 hrs. notice.

When you come for your photo sitting please feel free to bring with you a variety of outfits for different looks, any of your Child's favorite toys, or for yourself any musical instruments if you are a musical person or anything that's important in your life. If your shoot is for group photographs please make sure colors don't clash - its a good idea to have all of the group in similar colors for some shots. Jeans and white tops work well but do bring along some tops which are also colorful. Please don't wear checkered materials. Sittings can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

If you prefer we can offer location shoots or you can combine a studio and location shoot for a truly wonderful collection of images.



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There are three main types of traditional portrait photography: close-ups or facial shots, upper body shots and environmental portraits. Facial shots and upper body shots focus only on the person in the photo, whereas environmental shots widen out to include the subject's environment.

In addition to these three categories, there are also a number of other substyles for shooting portraits. These include candids, glamour portraits, conceptual portraits, lifestyle portraits and abstract portraits. This variety of substyles allows the photographer to choose the form that best captures the essence of the subject. Portraits such as glamour shots, lifestyle portraits and classic head shots need more equipment set up than other forms, such as candid portraiture.